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How to Save and Earn Money with CashFreed

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How to Save and Earn Money with CashFreed, an online platform that revolutionizes the way we save and earn money on the Internet, consolidating both possibilities in one convenient place. Through CashFreed, users can not only cut expenses on their regular purchases but also explore exciting ways to make money without leaving home. This innovative service offers a wide range of opportunities, from participating in surveys to completing various tasks and activities. That’s why CashFreed has become the preferred choice for those who want to maximize their daily savings and discover new ways to increase their income in their free time.


cashfreed operation

CashFreed is a platform that opens the doors to the possibility of earning money comfortably from home by making purchases at your favorite stores, taking advantage of the cashback system. But that’s not all, as it also provides you with the opportunity to increase your earnings by completing free tasks such as offers and surveys.

Furthermore, CashFreed offers you the option to activate a Premium membership for just $5 per month, allowing you to double your earnings. This means you can maximize your income efficiently.

If you want to start generating income from the comfort of your home and learn how to save and make money at the same time, we will now explain the step-by-step process to join the CashFreed platform.


To create a free account on CashFreed, you simply need to click on www.cashfreed.com. Then, continue by clicking on “Create an Account” and fill in the requested information.

 create a free account on CashFreed

This includes providing your email address, creating a username (it is recommended to avoid spaces to prevent registration errors), setting a password, and, if you are referred by someone, you will need to enter your sponsor’s username.

Don’t forget to check your email to confirm and activate your account.


CashFreed offers various ways to earn money, including:

1. Stores:

In the Stores section to obtain cashback, you have the opportunity to earn money by making online purchases at your favorite stores and receiving a refund for each purchase.

cashfreed stores

The money you save will accumulate in your CashFreed balance, and you can withdraw it once you reach a minimum of $10 in your account (this balance will be reflected in the withdrawal tab). Please note that the balance will remain pending until the store verifies the transaction and goes through the acceptance period, which is done to prevent issues in case of returns or refunds.



The Offers section to Earn Money with CashFreed Apps and Games allows you to carry out various tasks such as watching videos, playing games, signing up for websites, downloading applications, viewing ads, among other options.

CashFreed popular offers



Another popular alternative is taking paid surveys online through the various panels available on CashFreed.

CashFreed popular surveys

It’s important to note that at times, you may not be able to complete certain surveys if your profile doesn’t match the specific requirements of that particular survey. However, some companies do reward for the time invested up to that point.

 4.Watching Ads

You can also earn commissions on Cashfreed by watching advertising ads for a few seconds. Simply view the ad until the timer reaches zero, solve a captcha, and claim your reward.

CashFreed earn money by watching ads

Important: The ads on Cashfreed reset every 24 hours. Additionally, if you are a Premium user, the ads you view will already appear with double the value.

Furthermore, in this section, you can find 3 types of ads; the PTC ads, the video ads, and the social media ads.

CashFreed types of ads

5. Referrals

The Referrals section to make money on CashFreed is useful for users skilled in recommending pages to individuals interested in earning money from home. You can take advantage of CashFreed’s affiliate system to earn additional income in your account. Earnings range from 10% to 25%, depending on the rank you achieve (this detail is explained more clearly below)

6. Daily Challenge

Esta es otra opción que brinda Cashfreed para los usuarios activos, en donde puedes reclamar comisiones extras si consigues todos los días al menos $0.50. Este reto tiene una duración de 8 días y luego se reinicia.

CashFreed daily challenge

7. Social media

It corresponds to one of the fastest and easiest ways to earn your first cents on CashFreed. All you have to do is follow their social media with a simple click.

CashFreed social networks

For each social network you follow, you receive a bonus of $0.05, and remember that if you are a premium user, this earnings double to $0.1.

8. Ranking:

Participate in CashFreed’s competition and position your earnings at the top of the weekly and monthly rankings. Currently, the first-place winner in the weekly ranking receives $10, and in the monthly ranking, the reward amounts to $30.

CashFreed weekly ranking

These amounts may change over time, but the novelty is that, to stand out, it is not necessary to accumulate large earnings. Take advantage of this recent implementation, and if you are a premium user, double your chances of success.

Note: A monthly referral ranking has also been added, which rewards users who get the most referrals during the month. The current first-place winner receives $30.

CashFreed monthly referral ranking



In CashFreed, Premium Membership is a gateway to exceptional opportunities. For just $5 per month, users can unlock the potential to double their earnings on completed tasks and receive double the base cashback.

CashFreed premium membership

The flexibility of payment through PayPal or credit card further facilitates access to this advantageous membership.



CashFreed has designed a Ranks system exclusively aimed at Premium users, providing them with a way to significantly enhance their earnings. For those who choose to remain as free users, their earnings are limited to 10% of the commissions generated by their referrals. However, by activating the Premium membership, the door opens to a higher percentage of earnings based on the performance of their network.

CashFreed premium ranks

The operation is simple: a monthly timer determines the achieved rank. For example, by generating $100 in commissions before the timer resets, the user will ascend to the Platinum rank, guaranteeing them a 20% commission for the next month, covering everything from tasks to premium activations and more.

Furthermore, upon reaching the coveted Partner rank in CashFreed, users can enjoy 25% of the earnings from their network, along with a 10% share of the company’s profits distributed among all Partner users monthly.


The status of Star Rank is reserved for those with experience or the ability to demonstrate their capacity to recommend CashFreed. Upon reaching this level, opportunities open up to benefit from five additional referral levels, with varying percentages of activated subscriptions:

CashFreed Star Rank Network
  • Level 2: 8%
  • Level 3: 6%
  • Level 4: 4%
  • Level 5: 2%
  • Level 6: 1%

This initiative has been designed to offer CashFreed users the possibility of generating recurring income, making it an excellent option for YouTubers, website owners, bloggers, forum members, social media users, and anyone with an active community. Even those who do not have a community can achieve the Star Rank by having at least 10 active premium members in their network.


COUPONS AND PROMOTIONS: How to Save and Earn Money

One of the outstanding features of Cashfreed is the ability to maximize your savings through Coupons and Promotions for Popular Stores that are updated daily on the platform. These coupons provide an exceptional opportunity to further reduce your expenses when shopping at your favorite stores. Stay updated by following Cashfreed’s social media, where they announce newly added coupons and promotions. Follow us on your favorite platforms, such as @cashfreed.

CashFreed coupons and promotions

As for the platform experience, the section dedicated to coupons and promotions is easy to navigate. Upon entering, you’ll find a wide variety of offers, discounts, and promotional codes from various stores. The best part is that these coupons are personalized based on your preferences and shopping habits, meaning you’ll see deals that truly interest you. Additionally, Cashfreed provides you with direct access to these offers on affiliated stores, allowing you to conveniently apply coupons and promotions while shopping online.

 Create Advertisement

You can also find the option to advertise on Cashfreed, meaning, to publish your own advertisement and thus get visits, promote your business, etc. For this, you can purchase credits and place your ads in any of the 3 sections for viewing ads on Cashfreed.

Create an ad on CashFreed


The CashFreed Dashboard is the core of your account, which you can access by clicking on your username located in the upper right corner of the screen. This panel provides you with an overview of your earnings, ranks, and monthly counter. Additionally, it includes useful sections:

CashFreed control panel: How to Save and Earn Money

  • Minutes: Where you can review all the transactions you have generated.
  • Bonuses: To view the history of bonuses obtained through the network.
  • Referrals: Access your affiliate link and your list of referrals.
  • Star Rank Network: If you meet the requirements, this section allows you to explore the 6 levels of the star rank.
  • Withdrawals: You can withdraw your earnings starting from $10.
  • Profile: Complete your personal information and payment methods from this section.

Is it worth activating the CashFreed subscription?

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes.‘ The CashFreed subscription offers exceptional value and various advantages that make it a smart choice. Here are three compelling reasons to activate it:

CashFreed: How it works - How to Save and Earn Money

Earnings Doubling for Just $5: With a modest investment of $5 per month, you can double your earnings in cashback, surveys, and offers. This means your $5 will quickly be recovered through the savings and additional earnings you’ll gain by making smart purchases and maximizing the platform.

Increase Earnings by Sharing with Friends: By inviting friends to the platform, you provide them with the opportunity to save money and earn extra income, while also having the chance to increase your own earnings with commissions ranging from 10% to 25%, especially if you have an extensive network of contacts. This could result in significant income for you.

Personal Growth Seminars: The subscription gives you access to valuable seminars that can transform your mindset, attitude, and life outlook. These talks have immeasurable value and, separately, would cost much more than the $5 subscription. You will have the opportunity to attend several of these sessions per month, which is simply exceptional.

In summary, the CashFreed subscription is an investment that truly pays off. Unlike other expensive ventures that require expenditures of $100 or more, this subscription is designed to be accessible to everyone. It provides impressive value and the opportunity to maximize your earnings, improve your relationships, and grow as an individual. Few things in life offer as profitable a return as this subscription.

CONCLUSION: How to Save and Earn Money with Cashfreed

Conclusion about CashFreed: How to Save and Earn Money

Cashfreed emerges as an attractive and versatile online platform that guides you on How to Save and Earn Money. With a focus on cashback, participation in surveys, tasks, and other activities, it has become a popular choice for those looking to maximize benefits while making their regular purchases or seeking opportunities to earn extra money from the comfort of their homes. Its Premium membership is particularly appealing as it not only doubles users’ earnings but is also affordable for most users. Additionally, the introduction of ranks allows users to enhance their earnings as they build a strong network.

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