• This notice contains essential information about the service that CashFreed offers, in compliance with Article 60.1 of Royal Decree 1/2007 of November 16.
  • The purpose of the CashFreed service is to provide you with the opportunity to benefit from various advantages offered by certain companies through agreements established by CashFreed. These advantages may include activities such as purchasing products, making service reservations, visiting websites, participating in surveys, watching videos, among other options.
  • It is important to emphasize that the service offered by CashFreed is completely free. At no time will you be required to make any payments to use the features of CashFreed. Your participation in CashFreed is entirely voluntary and does not imply any obligation to consume or use services afterward.
  • CashFreed strives to ensure the proper functioning of the rewards system described below. However, there may be occasions when CashFreed cannot guarantee or be held responsible for unaccounted rewards, payment delays, or failures to pay by partner companies.
  • In the event that a reward is not correctly accounted for, CashFreed will make its best efforts to claim it. This will be subject to the existence of evidence that access to the partner company’s website was made through the CashFreed platform and that there is documentation containing all the necessary information to process the claim. Claims must be made within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of the activity, whether it’s a purchase, reservation, or any other action. CashFreed is not responsible if the partner company rejects the claim.
  • It is essential to note that CashFreed can only confirm rewards once the partner companies have made the corresponding payments. Upon receiving these payments, CashFreed guarantees that earnings from various activities will be transferred to users on a monthly basis.
  • Remember that it is the user’s responsibility to comply with the terms and conditions established by CashFreed and its partner companies to access the offered benefits and rewards.


Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully to familiarize yourself with all relevant information regarding your rights and obligations as a user of CashFreed.

CashFreed.com (hereinafter, CashFreed or the Site) is an online platform where you can receive refunds for your purchases or reservations at over 500 stores (through the “Stores” or “Categories” sections) and access other online offers (via the “Offers” section). Lastly, you can also save by using the coupons displayed on CashFreed or by recommending CashFreed to other users.

These Legal Terms and Conditions or General Contractual Terms (hereinafter, GCT) govern the use of the Site and the services provided by DERROTA LA CRISIS, S.L with CIF B71281455 and registered address in Blanca de Navarra, Corella, registered in the Commercial Register of Navarra, the owner of the website www.cashfreed.com (hereinafter, CashFreed).

To use our Site, it is necessary to read, understand, and accept these Legal Terms and Conditions, the Specific Terms and Conditions or Service Terms, and the Legal Notices that complement them, as well as complete the corresponding forms. The Privacy Policy provided by CashFreed is part of these GCT.

The use and enjoyment of the content and services hosted on our Site imply that you are aware of and accept these GCT, as well as the operating rules that you can find in the help section.

1. CashFreed User. Registration and Profile

1.1 Registration on CashFreed

To become a CashFreed user and enjoy its benefits, you must be at least 18 years old, have legal capacity to contract and bind yourself, complete the registration form, and provide your personal information in your profile (in the “My Data” section). Furthermore, your country of residence must match the country of CashFreed in which you register.

As a CashFreed user, you are responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the data provided at all times and must notify us of any changes to your data. Once your profile data is completed, they can only be modified by sending an email to info@cashfreed.com or in the “My Profile” section.

CashFreed allows only one registration per user and one PayPal account or bank account per user. Managing or creating accounts on behalf of other users is not allowed. If we detect that the same user registers multiple accounts on CashFreed, these accounts will be canceled.

CashFreed provides a reserved environment for registered users, which you can access after completing the registration process. Once registered, you will have an email that identifies you and a password or key to access the Service.

You are solely responsible for the use of your password and/or key, and you agree to safeguard and use them personally. If you become aware that a third party has gained access to them or has accessed the Site or Service on your behalf without your consent, you must inform CashFreed at info@cashfreed.com.

1.2 Profile on CashFreed

Once registered on CashFreed, the data provided through the registration form will appear in your profile, which you can access through the “My Profile” section. The information included in “My Profile” is not public.

Only users who have invited you to CashFreed will have access to your username, country, registration date, and date of your last visit. CashFreed is not responsible for the use that members of your network may make of this information.

If you report any misuse of your personal data to CashFreed, we reserve the right to take the necessary measures to protect your data.

2. CashFreed Service

CashFreed has entered into agreements with companies that grant commissions to CashFreed when a user makes an online purchase, reserves a trip, or engages in other activities (such as surveys, video views, visits, etc.). CashFreed offers you the opportunity to receive part of these commissions (in the form of a refund) for any of the mentioned actions, always by accessing them through the links available on the website.

Additionally, CashFreed provides a coupon section for redemption at various affiliated stores.

Finally, CashFreed gives you the opportunity to invite your friends to join the platform. In doing so, they can also invite other friends, and CashFreed will reward you for this with corresponding earnings that will be reflected in the “Bonuses” section of your profile. These rewards may vary and are subject to specific conditions indicated in the corresponding section of the Site.


3.1. Earning Cashback

To earn cashback, you must follow these steps:

a) Log in to your CashFreed account before making a purchase or reservation at any of the affiliated stores. b) Access the desired store through the links available on CashFreed. c) Complete your purchase or reservation at the store, adhering to the conditions displayed on CashFreed. d) Once the purchase or reservation is completed, you will receive a transaction confirmation in your CashFreed profile.

3.2. Accumulation and Release of Cashback

The accumulated cashback will be displayed in your profile and will remain pending release until the store confirms the purchase or reservation and it changes to “Approved” status. The confirmation time may vary depending on the store and is subject to possible changes.

Once released, you can request payment of the accumulated cashback to your PayPal account o the bank account associated with your profile.

3.3. Cancellations and Returns

In the event of a cancellation or return of a purchase or reservation, the store will cancel the cashback associated with that transaction. Therefore, the pending or confirmed cashback corresponding to it will be reduced or eliminated accordingly.


CashFreed offers discount coupons for use at various affiliated stores. Coupons are subject to the specific conditions indicated on each coupon and may have usage restrictions. It is important to verify the validity and conditions of each coupon before using it.


CashFreed allows you to invite your friends to join the platform. To receive a reward for referring a friend, they must register on CashFreed using your referral link and meet the requirements set forth by CashFreed.


CashFreed will not be responsible for:

a) Possible errors or omissions in the information provided by affiliated stores. b) Problems that may arise during the registration process with affiliated stores or during the tracking of transactions for cashback calculation. c) Any damage or harm that may result from the use of the Site or the services offered by affiliated stores.


CashFreed reserves the right to modify or update these Legal Terms and Conditions at any time. It is the user’s responsibility to periodically read them to stay informed of the changes. Continued use of the Site after the publication of any modifications implies acceptance of those modifications.


Both the user and CashFreed may terminate the account at any time and for any reason. In case of account termination, the conditions stipulated in the Legal Terms and Conditions will apply.


These Legal Terms and Conditions will be governed by Spanish law. Any dispute arising in connection with the Site or the services provided will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Navarra.

Thank you for reading and accepting our Legal Terms and Conditions. We hope you enjoy CashFreed and make the most of our services. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@cashfreed.com.

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