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How to Withdraw from CashFreed

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Hello community, in this post, we have decided to provide a step-by-step guide on how to withdraw from Cashfreed. This article will be very helpful for individuals who are withdrawing for the first time on our platform, leaving no room for uncertainties.

Withdrawing Money on CashFreed

Step 1: Set Up Your Profile.

“The first step before requesting a payment is to set up our profile on Cashfreed. To do this, go directly to the section called ‘Profile,’ which you’ll find in the left-hand menu (You can also access it in the top menu under ‘More >> Access your profile’).”

Within your profile, you only need to configure your payment method, i.e., the wallet through which you want to withdraw your earnings.

To save the changes, click on the ‘Update Profile’ button located at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you are unable to click on ‘Update Profile,’ it may be due to an issue with your browser’s cookies. In that case, the recommendation is to open a new incognito window and update your profile from there.

Step 2: Withdraw Money.

Once your profile is updated, you can request a payment on Cashfreed if you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount of $10. If you meet the requirements, simply follow these steps:

From the left-hand menu, navigate to the ‘Withdrawals‘ section.

withdraw money at cashfreed: How to Withdraw from CashFreed

Then, simply enter the withdrawal amount, select the payment method, and complete the process by clicking on ‘Withdrawal Request.’ By following these simple steps, you can request your money on Cashfreed without any issues.

How long does Cashfreed take to pay?

Cashfreed may take up to 48 hours to process payments to its users, although it is usually done in less than 24 hours. If you encounter any issues while withdrawing, you can send a message to explaining your concern.

Well, friends, that’s all regarding How to withdraw on Cashfreed. We hope this article is helpful to you, and remember to share it within your network if others have similar questions.

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